Continental Management


成立 2002


俄罗斯 109028, 莫斯科, Hohlovskiy per., 13, str.1


"LPK Continental Management" - the leading company of timber industry complex of Russia, uniting logging, timber, paper and pulp and paper mills, factories and businesses.

"LPK Continental Management" is part of a major Russian diversified industrial group "Basic Element".

Holding enterprises located in six regions of Russia, employs approximately 6,000 people.

In 2011, the company "LPK Continental Management" issued more than 8% of board and fluting, corrugated 2.7%, 77% wet-strength paper and vellum 100% made in Russia during this period. The total volume of pulp and paper products produced by in 2011, exceeded 210 thousand tons of corrugated products - 100 million square feet. meters.

The development strategy of the Company until 2015, provides further modernization of production capacities in order to increase production, improve product quality, expanding product line and expand its presence in the regional markets.

One of the key strategic priorities "LPK Continental Management" is to ensure environmental safety. In 2009, the company adopted an environmental policy that defines the main objectives of its environmental activities, including improving energy efficiency by 20%, improve the quality of wastewater discharged by 50%, reducing the environmental impact by 70% and reduce water consumption by 30%.