Deep South Wood products and Fiber, LLC




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Professional Foresters marketing higher best use logs and timber into specialized markets.

"From the woods to the end - line user, we strive to provide the best service available to the public, private and investment communities to achieve the maximum revenue and receipts while capturing the world's markets for these products." David Hancock, Owner DSWP&F,LLC; CFS,LLC

In days of my earlier career, we had many landowners that contacted us just to plant trees, assist in selling timber, and management work.

Since those days thirty five (35) years ago some changes have been made................. So,

In response to todays markets both domestic and international, we have to be able to react to needs, products, and supply capability. We work with our Landowners, Loggers, and Mill Suppliers to achieve the best product prices available.

Through our network of woodyards and loading locations we are able to get the specifis best use product to the international markets, and its distributors in a timely manner. We use the following methods of transportation, 1.) Over the road Trucking and Transport, 2.) Container Transport, 3.) Barge Traffic, 4.) Railroad and Intermodal facilities to get our products to major ports of call and shipping.