Dvernaya Moda


成立 2004


俄罗斯 350015, 克拉斯诺达尔, Krasnodar, ul.Putevaya, 9


Our company proudly presents unique collections of modern hard wood interior doors and sliding panels. Our quality interior doors are available in raised panel, flat panel with different designs and glass options.

Today's technology and yesterday's craftsmanship are skilfully combined in our products to bring you quality built, durable, beautiful interior wood doors at affordable prices.

”Dvernaya Moda” Ltd. (“Door Fashion”) is situated in south of Russia, in the sunlit, rich region of Kuban.

We are the sales department of the largest in Russia oak wood interior door manufacturer - Lider company. We present a large variety of oak and beech wood interior doors in our wholesale storehouse in the center of Krasnodar.

Our interior doors are distributed all over Russia through the numerous stores of our dealers.

We can supply the hardwood interior doors by different amounts and ways.