成立 1992


俄罗斯 107005, 莫斯科, Poslannikov line, 9-1


Our company specializes in:

- engineering projects on the basis of automated control system of technological process

- pump stations, control and automatic cabinets

- cabinets and electrical cabinet systems (current distribution systems)

- electric drives and industrial automation

- low-voltage equipment

- industrial robots

ELECTROSTYLE actively work in developing business partnerships with world’s major manufactures of electrotechnical products, such as Mitsubishi Electric (Japan), Siemens (Germany), Rittal (Germany), KSB (Germany), Osram (Germany), and also with several Russian manufacturers.

Currently our company specializes in following basic fields:

1. Engineering automation projects in the industrial area and housing and communal services on the basis of the qualitative equipment of leading world’s manufacturers - Mitsubishi Electric, Siemens, Rittal, and KSB.

Supply to our clients finished design technical solutions in the field of industrial automation. Among our clients - more than 5000 enterprises of housing and communal services, power industry, other industries: automobile, petrochemical, metallurgical, wood-processing, paper and polygraphic, glass, ceramic and food industry.

2. Production, assembly, adjustment setting of pump stations, control and automatic cabinets and current distribution systems up to 3200A.

3. Delivery of frequency inverter (0,2-2,2 Kw ,220V and 0,4-800Kw ,400V), soft starters and active promotion on the market of frequency inverters (3-10kW) for high-voltage engines.

Setting up and starting-up of automatic electric drives. Warranty service for controllers. Consulting and information support.

4. Complex deliveries of the electrotechnical equipment: automatic switches, safety locks, contactors, actuators, relays, transformers, plugs, buttons and light indicators, electric panel-board production, cases, electric adjusting products, counters of the electric power, etc.

5. Delivery, adjustment, service and repair of Mitsubishi Electric industrial robots.