Euroline Trading


成立 2000


俄罗斯 197754, 圣彼得堡, pr.Prosvetchenya, 53


Our company EUROLINE TRADING is based in St.Petersburg, Russia.

Since its formation in 2000 EUROLINE TRADING has traded throughout the RUSSIA, UK, the Middle East and Africa. The main core activity is the sale of sawn wood and wood products consumables for the construction and other industries i.e. pallets, drums; planks, heavy-duty balk and general consumable items.

We have a fully qualified sales team who would be pleased to handle any requirements. In addition our technical and production departments can advise or suggest possible solutions to any engineering queries or problems that may be encountered. Our ultimate aim is to give a competitive and cost effective service to prospective purchasers.

We are ideally situated in the port in Saint. Petersburg with easy access to major sea and enabling us to rapidly despatch goods by road, air or sea to all destinations throughout the world. Our knowledgeable staff can handle all Export documentation requirements ensuring a smooth trouble free service for all our export markets.

We would like to offer you supplying of wooden products to your company.

1. Sawn timber, wooden sleepers, terrace board.

Material: pine, spruce, birch, siberian larch.

Dimensions: Thickness: 15 - 200 mm, width: 50 - 230 mm, length: 1.0 - 6.0 m

Humidity: fresh, 18-22%, 8-10%.

Surface treatment: planed or not planed, antiseptized or not antiseptized.

2. Debarked or cylindered wooden stakes and poles.

Material: pine, spruce, siberian larch

Dimensions: All sizes.

Humidity: fresh.

Surface treatment: planed, not planed, antiseptized, not antiseptized.

3. Round log with grooves.

Material: pine, spruce, siberian larch.

Dimensions: All sizes.

Humidity: fresh.

Surface treatment: planed, antiseptized or not antiseptized.

Kindly ask you inform us about your sizes of wooden products.

Sincerely yours,