成立 2005


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(Limited Liability Company)

Office 9, body 1, 10/7 Rozhdestvenskiy blvd., Moscow, Russia, post address: EvroInvest, P.O. Box 868, Moscow, 101000, Russia, tel.: ++(7 495) 102 3633, 623 2818, tel./fax: ++ (7 495) 624 8018, e-mail address: evroinvest@inbox.ru, http://www.evroinvestt.ru

BSRN 1057746772071, ITN 7702561923, KPP 770201001, OKPO 77281222

Intermediary Bank: Bank of New York , New York, NY, SWIFT Code: IRVTUS3N, Beneficiary Bank: SBERBANK, Moscow, SWIFT Code: SABRRUMM, acc.# 8900057610, in favour of EvroInvest LLC, acc.# 40702840638040113901 (USD)

Respectable ladies/sirs,

Thank You for addressing to our Company. Hope, that our relations won’t be limited by only this correspondence on simple “question-answer” basis but with some time being become business ones based on the principles of fruitful cooperation and long-term partnership.

Some info on our company

OOO “EvroInvest” is registered in Russia and by its organizational form analogous to Private Limited Company in Great Britain or in Canada.

Our Company has been operating successfully on International and Russian timber market for almost three years, supplying timber products from the Irkutskaya Oblast timber exploitation areas.

Substantial advantage of our Company in comparison with many others operating on the market is timber exploitation and stocking of large volumes (up to 5000 cubic meters per month) of standing timber directly on some cutting sites of our own on the ground of State Permission Timber Cutting Notes. Our company has been specializing on cutting only valuable species of Siberian wood mainly, such as: Angarskaya pine, larch, cedar, and possesses all necessary items for export operations including financial funds needed, qualified personal, means of timber cutting, loading and log transportation, timber processing production line, warehouses for stock piling of ready-to sale product, and has long-term business relations with some reliable buyers.

Terms on deliveries and prices

There are possible various versions of product deliveries, therefore, taking into consideration some reasons mostly preferable are the following:

1. FCA Eysk town, the port on the Sea of Azov coast,

FCA Chuna railway station of the East Siberian Railway Line – GOST 22298-76 round timber of 1-st and 2-nd sorts.

2. FCA Eysk town, the port on the Sea of Azov coast,

FCA Chuna railway station of the East Siberian Railway Line – GOST 26002-83 edged board of 1-st and further up to 5-th sort.

3. FCA Moscow city, larch and pine profiled boards.

The abovementioned prices on timber are given with taking into account the moisture content at its natural level, antiseptic covering and approximate composition of percentage of each sort of timber delivery lot, as following: 1-st and 2-nd sorts - 20%,

3-rd and 4-th sorts – 70%, 5-th sort – 10%.

By October this year our Company’s “the bag of orders” has been formed. So, Your order is considered to be additional and in such a case it is needed to attract some additional financial funds to execute it. That is why our Company prefers such clients who are ready to cooperate and buy our products on long-term basis with timber lots from not less than 500 cubic meters per month on terms of payment in advance.

Our Company has been seeking to expand its business mainly at the account of increasing of its production capacities. To reach the aim we want a reliable Western partner to be engaged in timber processing business on mutually profitable ground.

Please, send to our e-mail evroinvest4@inbox.ru Your orders first in form of Commercial Proposal then after we discuss and approve them in principle, in form of ICPO.

Best Regards,

Director General ________ V. Maltsev.