Exhibition Company "Mir-Expo"


成立 2000


俄罗斯 115533, 莫斯科, prospekt Yu. Andropova, 22


Exhibition Company "Mir-Expo" was established in 2000 the main activities of the company at that time were: the organization of international specialized industrial exhibitions, as well as inter-regional consumer trade fair at the Exhibition Centre "Mir".

In connection with the termination of the Exhibition Center "Mir" in 2003 with the Exhibition Company "Mir-Expo" works as an independent operator, organizes and conducts its own exhibition in Moscow, Russian regions and foreign countries and has partnerships with more than Thirty foreign profile exhibitions.

The main exhibition brands of the company "Mir-Expo" is an international specialized exhibition "Cryogen-Expo", "Composite Expo," "Polyurethane Expo", "Innovative Materials and Technologies", "Heat Treatment", "MobileBuild", "Gidrostroy." Separate line of consumer exhibitions are: Orthodox book, an exhibition-fair "In the Beginning was the Word ..." Interregional Exhibition-Fair "Russian Souvenir", "Myakininskaya Fair."

The new activity is the organization of congress of the International Conference "Industrial gases" in the MSTU. NE Bauman and other international conferences and seminars.