Fluidhouse Oy


成立 2004


芬兰 40700, Jyväskylä, Onkapannu 3


FluidHouse is the leading supplier of Hydraulic and Oil Lubrication systems in Finland and one of the most important manufacturers of paper machine hydraulics worldwide. The pillars of our strength are more than 30 years of experience in developing fluid power automation systems and the innovative approach of our product development.

During that period FluidHouse has supplied thousands of individual fluid power units and complete fluid automation systems to, among others, the fastest paper machines in the world. Our typical project delivery includes designing the system, power units, valve cabinets, flowmeters, control and monitoring system as well as field installation and start-up. Through Prodatec simulation services we provide tools to improve for example our customer’s material handling process. Our systems are developed especially for equipment such as:

* Wood handling equipment

* Pulping equipment and drying machines

* Paper and board machines

* Coaters and calenders

* Reels, winders and slitters

* Roll handling and packing machines