Forstmas Oy


成立 1979


芬兰 5400, Helsinki, Askolinintie 7A


Used machinery fo forest rlogging, log transport, sawmilling , woodworking and pulp & paper mills. New and second-hand, harvesters, forwarders, forest trucks, sawmill machinery and lines, sorting plants for sawn timber by sizes and quality, stick-stacking plants,wood condensating drying kiln units, chippers, debarkers, wood lathes for making log houses, used pulp and paper making machinery, debarking & chipping plant, groundwood grinders, chip washer, chip preheater, pulper, heat recovery boiler, plug cyclones for TMP, groundwood peoroxide bleaching plant, pressure thickener, fibrerizer, refiner, gravity decker, pressure screen, centricleaner, dispercing, supercalender, digister, diffuser washer, wet lap, wet end of pulp drying machine, recovery boiler, steam boiler, fluew gas blower, steam turbine electric generators,