GK Interleasing


成立 1999


俄罗斯 197374, 圣彼得堡, ul. Savushkina, d.126, VZ «Atlantic Sity»


LLC "Interleasing" was established on 15 July 1999., Founder spoke of the "International Bank of St. Petersburg." The leasing market in Russia grew rapidly, and soon was organized by several entities, allowing to process the entire volume of transactions attributable to the company. Thus, group leasing companies formed under the brand name "Interleasing."

In 2005, due to the dynamic expansion of its activities, the leasing company needed to attract new financial partners, which prompted the decision to withdraw from the IBSP of the founders of OOO "Interleasing." Despite the fact that at the moment of the founders of the company includes only individuals of IBSP is still a strategic partner of the Group companies' Interleasing. "

The segment of trucks is one of the priorities of the Civil Code "Interleasing."

Historically, commercial vehicles occupy a large share of the sales of the company. At present the majority of the portfolio company's leading brands of trucks such as Mercedes-Benz, MAN, Volvo, Scania, Iveco, Renault, KAMAZ, MAZ, Krone, Schmitz, Kogel, Rolfo, Lohr, Sommer Novtrak, Tatra, Isuzu, Hyundai, Thonar, Betsema and others. Our partners are the largest suppliers of commercial vehicles across Russia on a number of brands we can offer our clients special products are particularly favorable, created in conjunction with the major suppliers of commercial transport. The key to our success in the direction of the truck is a comprehensive approach to leasing transactions and efficiency. In addition to direct financial leasing, we provide customer assistance in the selection of trucks (in some cases, the client applies our corporate discounts from suppliers), take over the job with an insurance company, shipping and customs clearance of imported equipment, the registration authorities in the traffic police. We have a broad line of efficient financial products that meet the needs of different customer groups.