Gruppa kompany Karsikko


成立 2007


俄罗斯 625056, 秋明, Tyumen, st. Voroninskie gorki, 101


KARSIKKO Group is the largest forest industry holding which performs its activities on the territory of south of Tyumen region and in Khani-Mansiisk autonomous district-Yugra of Russia.

The following companies form KARSIKKO Group:

KARSIKKO TRADE Ltd. - is a trading company which sells products of KARSIKKO group.

Activity of this company is aimed to provide further development of the company, establishment and organization of sales activities as well as of long-term partnership relations outside Russia.

OJSC Forest industry company «Turtas» is one of the largest players of south of Tyumen region in forest sector.

Nowadays the company specializes in the following business areas: harvesting, forwarding and handling operations, sawing. The forests base this company is 350 000 m3.

KARSIKKO FOREST Ltd. - is a manufacturing company which is logging, sawing, woods processing, production of sawn timber for export.

We use equipments for sawing and wood processing Weinig Group (German).

KARSIKKO HOUSE Ltd. - is developing a dynamic company in the timber industry.

This is company manufactures and constructions of easy-assembled panel-frame wooden houses on German’s technology. Our house construction is aimed at production of 100 houses per year in one shift. Nowadays we are working in two shifts.

In production house we use a modern German’s equipment by WEINMANN (HOMAG GUS).

Our masters, involved in the production, were training and certification in Germany.

Harvesting operations are conducted by machine units and also manually depending on area conditions.

We use high-tech harvesting units manufactured by PONSSE (harvester ERGO, forwarder BUFFALO).

One of the competitive advantages of KARSIKKO Group is a complete production cycle which has its start at the stage of harvesting operations and ends with production of final product.

Use of modern technology allows us to increase efficiency of our activities and quality of the product.