Haiphong Forest Products


成立 1958


越南 8431, Haiphong, No. 57, So Dau Ward, Hong Bang District


Company History

To be founded in 1958, since the early of establishment to 2001 HaiFor was operating as the State owned

Company under management of VinaFor (Vietnam Forest Corporation). Since 2001, it is stock company

managed by over 100 shareholders from sharing At the beginning, the company’s business was mainly to

supply timber for construction industry in Haiphong city and northern Vietnam. Now the company supplies

not only timber log and rough sawn timber but finished products such as doors and flooring as well.

Furthermore the company has expanded its business into manufacturing furniture. The market has also

expanded to other provinces in the North of Vietnam and export. Now, company is well-known its products.

It is regarded as the first huge company in northern Vietnam that producing finger-joint board, flooring and

door under modern machines & technology from Italy and Taiwan. HaiFor is well-known all over the world

with timber business. HaiFor is trader of log and sawn timber such as tropical timber likely Teak, Rosewood,

Merbau, Selangan Batu, Belian, Kempas, Kapur, Keruing, mixed species.. and sale agent of American

hardwood. All timber logging by HaiFor is legal with export licence from local Government. Some log and sawn

timber is FSC timber. Every year, Company import over 100,000 cubic meters of round logs & sawn timber

from Malaysia, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Island, Myanmar, Laos …for retail in Vietnam and

Export to China, India. HaiFor is doing business in timber industry as the importer, exporter, manufacturer

and also to be middleman.