Interregion Marketing Center «Arkhangelsk-Moscow»


成立 2000


俄罗斯 163002, 阿尔汉格尔斯&#, Arkhangelsk, Uritsky av. 1, ofis 501


Sphere to activity of Interregional Marketing Center "Arkhangelsk-Mosсow"

The Management consulting, Municipal consulting;

The Development investment passport municipal formation;

The development strategy Development of the municipal formation;

The Development plan social-economic development city and villegs;

The Business-planning (in Antikrizisnoe management;

Financial recovery enterprise;

The Marketing studies on Archangelsk area and 40 regions of Russia;

The marketing plan Development:

The movement of goods channel Organization and goods of the distribution;

The Development investment project (including remote):

The Development plan financial recovery:

Formation business plan (including remote):

Formation Technician Economic Motivation (including remote):

Creation and accompaniment (the incubation) of the companies;

The Analysis financial-economic condition to companies(including remote);

The Estimation of the business to companies;

Attraction investment;

Buying/selling the ready business;

Franchayzing broker;

Sheduling the expert conclusions (including remote): on analysis financial-economic condition;


Subscription accounting service enterprise;

Preparation to accounting reporting;

Estimation and expert operation property:

The Estimation to premises, v. t. ch. apartments, cottages, shop and offices;

The Estimation of the machines, equipment, motor transport, production line;

The Estimation enterprise as property complex;

The Estimation of the business and securities of the emitter;

The Extension course on management, personnel(frames), finance, accounting and taxation, rule;govern (the project seminar on-line);

Remote education on discipline: "Management account", "Management finance", "Marketing", "Management personnel", "Organization and management business"; "Decision making", "Strategic management", "Management project" "Innovacionnyy management", "Bases of the accounting." "Financial account". "Management account", "Information technologies in management", "Marketing (the annual course)", "Technology of the sale", "Management инноваций", "Scholastic methodical complex on financial-economic discipline", "Standardization. Sertifikaciya. Quality Management. The Metrology", "Intellectual property".