ITA-Hydro SPb


成立 2006


俄罗斯 194292, 圣彼得堡, 1-iy Verhniy per, d.6


ITA-HYDRO Company offers hydraulic parts of high quality

for mobile facilities and industrial components parts.

The key field of our activities is import of spare parts and equipment to the Russian

market. As of today our company is one of the largest suppliers of hydraulic systems to Russia. Due to our contracts concluded with leading European manufacturers we can offer competitive prices without reduction in quality of the products provided. Moreover, we have a full supply chain to deliver components to the Russian market and this makes it

possible to shorten terms of delivery essentially. We have a developed distribution

network in Russia as well as warehouses in Saint Petersburg and Petrozavodsk from

where we can supply the products required within shortest terms.

Our main task is field work, rapid settlement of emerging questions and full technical

support of our partners. Due to our wide operational experience with the Russian market

we understand its needs and we are always trying to find an optimal solution to all the