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更多信息 Institute - an educational portal of information and experts in wood construction. This is - a unique platform, which contains teaching materials, electronic books, instructional videos and more with regard to the construction of the timber. Get useful information here can anyone, regardless of their level of education.

Open a library of articles and books on wooden construction in Russia and the world. Publication of authoritative experts and scholars of universities. Presentations on relevant conferences and forums.

Market News wooden house. Statistical data, monitoring, evaluation, development scenarios.

Learn how to independently obtain additional education on our site. We offer training courses on the wooden house construction.

To study the course materials at home or in the office in the country, on a cruise ship - at any time convenient for you. The main thing - access to the Internet. There is more difference between going to school, work and life - is an ongoing process. Institute - a common information field for communication professionals at various levels. Read blogs from leading players in the market, take ideas, invest in their own scientific and technical department.