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* Raising Capital

Accumulated practical experience, the prime outstanding quality of InterLogic AS Group\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s financial analysts, allows us to provide services in the area of corporate finance at the highest professional level.

We have wide connections within the international financial community, including a network of partners such as banks and investment funds operating all over the world, including Eastern Europe. Our company specialists will thoroughly analyse your company\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s potential and opportunities, and will choose the most realistic and acceptable ways of financing for the current owners of enterprises. Creating a so called \\\\\\\\\\\\\\"buffer zone\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" between an investor and a company is one of the most important elements of the process that, on the one hand, involves screening out \\\\\\\\\\\\\\"undesirable\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" information for investors and, on the other hand, provides a proper interpretation of the fund\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s requirements for the project.

We provide our clients with a wide variety of services, including:

assessment of the demand for financing,

development of a strategy for raising funds,

evaluation of businesses,

creation of an optimum capital structure,

preparation of business plans, investment memoranda, issue prospectus, and materials for presentations.

We also arrange road-shows, presentations and negotiations with potential investors.