J.D. Irving




加拿大 E2L 4M3
, 新不伦瑞克, P.O. Box 5777 300 Union St.


J.D. Irving, Limited is a private, family-owned company with over 130 years of commitment to quality service and products. We are based in the Maritime region of Eastern Canada, and in Maine, USA. Our home office is located in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada. J.D. Irving, Limited is one of the five largest landowners in North America, owning 3.3 million acres (1.4 million hectares). We also manage over 2.4 million acres (1 million hectares) of public land and all our lands are certified under the rigorous standards of the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) and ISO 14001 Environmental Management.

The Irving Sawmills have a long standing tradition for producing quality lumber. The first Irving sawmill began in 1882 and now the company has sawmill and woodland operations in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Maine, USA.

It is our commitment and our challenge to manage our natural resources. J.D. Irving, Limited will play a vital role in using our resources to provide economic opportunity for today’s generation, while preserving the natural environment for the benefit of generations to come.


  • 圓木,鋸材,單板
    • 硬木(歐洲和北美)
      • 木材,鋸材
        • 四方材
        • 廣場
        • 木釘
        • 框架木材
        • 枕木
    • 软木材
      • 木料
        • 框架木材
        • 建築材
        • 木梁, 木梁用于窗户
        • 细木工
        • 浸渍木
        • 枕木