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Dear Sirs,

I am frequently exporting with a couple of partners Whitewood to Arabia and as business in the region is growing we need a reliable partner as a long term deliverer. Currently we need the following quantities – feel free to join us right away:

Invoice size: Cutting size: Quantity:

22x95x3000 24x100x3000 1000 CBM

22x95x3500 24x100x3500 500 CBM

22x95x4000 24x100x4000 500 CBM

45x45x4000 48x48x4000 400 CBM

45x68x4000 48x73x4000 500 CBM

45x92x4000 48x100x4000 500 CBM

62x62x3000 66x66x3000 1000 CBM

62x62x3500 66x66x3500 500 CBM

62x62x4000 66x66x4000 300 CBM

68x68x4000 72x72x4000 2000 CBM

Total 7200 CBM

Target prices beneath US$ 136,-- C & F on full liner terms.

The quality of the timber should be parallel sawn, square edged, constructional grade, sound knots, (hollow knots not allowed), with anti stain treatment. Packing in bundles of about 2 to 3 CBM per bundle, with 5 steel straps,

bundled with stickers between every layer.

Charter party B/L acceptable if there is no regular liner vessels from the loading port to Arabian Gulf Ports.

Destination: Dubai/Dammam/Kuwait with minimum 2500 CBM at the discharging port.

Our clients may ask you for 10.000 CBM monthly.

Hope you are interested to become a long term deliverer of us.

Best regards

Jürgen Mohr

Phone: +49 170 546 1835

e-mail: JurgenMohr1@aol.com or mohr1@web.de