Krimskie zori


成立 2005


俄罗斯 353900, 克拉斯诺达尔, Krimsk, ul.Stroitelnaya, d.65


Dear Sirs! We bring to your attention the short offer. Our company is engaged in sale of a dry board from following Breeds of wood: a pine, a larch, a beech , an oak. The goods have passed necessary certification and correspond STATE THAT № 26002. The finished goods volume makes from 1000 m3 to 3000 m3 monthly. Sale of goods occurs in ports Novorossisk and Temryuk, besides it delivery to the client sea transport and a truck transport is possible. As our company has in using of a zones of wood in Krasnodar territory, the trade missions in Krasnoyarsk region and the Irkutsk region. Operative work with clients is promoted by complex presence in Krymsk intended for accumulation and manufacturing of finished goods. The complex is located in 50 km from port Novorossisk and 100 km from port Temryuk. The complex has the drying equipment (Valmet, to 800 m3 of single loading), the sawing equipment, the developed transport infrastructure, railway station. At the moment the company searches reliable partners abroad for expansion of commodity markets and geography of the sales interested in productive, mutually advantageous cooperation. In the presence of long-term contracts additional purchase of the equipment necessary for correct performance of orders of the client is possible; creation of joint ventures is possible. At occurrence of interest and necessity for additional explanations, we ask to contact us: