Lesnoy Torgoviy Dom


成立 1996


俄罗斯 660018, 克拉斯诺雅尔&#, Krasnoyarsk, ul.Tolstogo, d.17


We operate in Krasnoyarg region market since 1996. Forest Trade House Ltd has its representatives at

the main stations of Krasnoyarsk region (Karabula, Chunoyar, Novokhaiskaya, Novobirusinskaya, Lesosibirsk,

Kansk-Eniseissky) as well as stable contractual relationship with the companies and forest fellers in different

regions what allows to concentrate considerable volumes of timber in order to sell round timber under Russian

and export contracts and to use it for sawn timber production. Besides, forest fellers activity is being

financed upon terms of payback by round timber delivery.

At the present moment we’re ready to offer you sawn and round timber delivery from the stations

of Krasnoyarsk region upon different conditions of delivery.