Lebedev welding pencil




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The THE EXOTHERMIC BRAZING-WELDING-CUTTING MEANS (EBWCM) are the means that give possibility to join and cut different metals by brazing and welding without the external sources of energy. There are several kinds of TBWCM.

1. The exothermic brazing - welding paste (EBWP) is the half-liquid paste placed in a little tube. This paste can be pressed out from the tube (like a tooth paste) at the future joint of two pieces of a metal. The preparation of the surface like cleaning is not needed. The chemical composition of the paste provides the combustibility of it after the pressing out. The ignition is made through the dry combustion (dry spirit). While combusting the process of synthesis of high temperature brazing fillers of cupper and bronze takes place as the synthesis of fluxes of brazing. The thick ness of the pieces being joined is from 0,2 to 1,5 mm.

2.The exothermic brazing-welding pencil (EBWP) is a pressed or casted construction having the diameter from 6 to 20 mm and the length 100... 250 mm. It synthesis the high temperature brazing fillers and fluxes while burning. The ignition of the pencil is made by dry spirit. The pencil may be hold in a holder or in flat pliers. The pencil can join elements of machines in overlap and in a butt of the thickness up to 15 mm.

3. The exothermic cutting pencil ( ECP) is a pressed or casted rod having the diameter about 16 mm and the lenght of 150 - 250 mm providing combustibility and temperature while burning high enough for cutting metals.

These means may be used for emergency repairs, for domestic repairs, for different works in a condition when there is no electrical energy and the gas flame is absent and can\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\' t be used.

The field of application. The repairs of cars, of the agriculture machines, the individual building, the cosmetic repairs.