Lesoexport DV


成立 1999


俄罗斯 680000, 哈巴罗夫斯克, Khabarovsk, ul. Sheronova, 92


"Lesoexport DV" is Russian timber -trading company, sells its own sawngoods. We'd like to prolong our relations. Main business of our company is to produce kill dry sawn-plane-shade lumber material as so, (taruki, dobuchi,sangi,floor parquet for example :20x90x1800 e.t.c) We can make any such production from (hard wood- ash,oak, / soft wood- red pine,white wood,Larch wood,white birch wood,yellow birch wood,aspen wood,cedar wood,elm wood) by your proposal. We have bought a new woodworker side moulder equipment. Next time we are planing to install finger -joint equipment.

This is "LMC-723"- Side Moulder machine-tool with 7 spindeles 723 CM (6 spindeles are plane-shade each spindele power is 11 kWt / 8000RPM & 7 th spindele is cut off sawing,power is 22 kWt ) , Speed of feed is 6-36 m/min. Max size of bar 150x230/ min 10x15 . Cut off saw machine HP-24 Max size of bar 230x230mm, packing -strip machine, & other auxiliary equipment.