Taizhou Lion King Signal Co Ltd


成立 1996


中华人民共和国 318059, 江苏省, 泰州, Sanjin Village,Jinqing Town,Luqiao District,Taizhou City,Zhejiang Province,China


Taizhou Lion King Signal Co., Ltd is located in Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province. It’s near two beautiful

seaports-Ningbo and Shanghai.

We are a professional manufacturer specialized in making various Hand operated, Industrial Motor Sirens,

Large Electromechanical Sirens, and we rank first in China Civil Defence Department, military bases, Police

and Firefighting Departments, jails, large factories, seaports, oil fields...

In the meantime, our sirens, with the proven technology, superior performance and best quality, are also

widely used in Europe, US, Asia, Middle East, Africa, South America and Australia, and have obtained

respectable reputation in the world markets. After years of development, we continually innovate and

improve our product in order to further enhance our distributor’s competitiveness in the world markets.