Lotkoms serviss


成立 2007


拉脱维亚 1045, Riga, ul.Pulkveza Brieza 41



The wood working company SIA „Lotkoms serviss” is engaged in trade and preprocessing of timber products. Notwithstanding the fact that the company is relatively new, it has already established a solid, friendly and professional team able to offer effective solutions and perfect service to our potential partners. The company is active not only in Latvia, but also in Lithuania, Estonia, Poland and the Ukraine. SIA „Lotkoms serviss” is among the few companies offering such a service as debarking of round timber by mobile debarking facilities. There are two such machines in use of our company - Cambio 66, based on truck TATRA 813, and the second one is CAMBIO 70-45 Air-Ten, based on SCANIA 142H6x4-46-1987 with a semi-trailer.

The second facility is equipped with all necessary mechanisms to ensure fast and effective debarking of round timber in the diameter from 6 - 60 cm and in the length from 2 m - 12 meters. The facility is equipped with two round timber loaders: Loglift 115 and V-Crane. Thanks to the successful technical solutions and the total working capacity, the equipment can debark up to 1000 cbm of timber a day. The collection of the bark in a container or in the body of the truck is also ensured. The facility has been assembled in Sweden 1996 and has undergone capital reconstruction and modernization 2005 – it complies to all applicable work safety and usage requirements and norms. The SCANIA truck with the semi-trailer is registered with the Road Transport Administration and therefore can use all collective roads of the EU.

SIA „Lotkoms serviss” offers round timber peeling services with the above mentioned equipment and guarantees environmentally safe working conditions. The company is ready to review all offers and provide the best possible service.

Buy peeled and unpeeled logs.Sawmill wood, pulpwood,pine poles.

Respectfully yours,

SIA „Lotkoms serviss”

Head of the Wood Working Unit