成立 1999


俄罗斯 167981, 科米, Siktivkar, ul. 4ya Promishlennaya d.44


Company "Luzales" was founded in 1999. In 2000 the enterprise was harvested 170 thousand cubic meters timber. At the end of 2005, the volume increased harvesting to 520 thousand cubic meters. m an almost threefold increase in the timber in the 5 years is due, first, to the introduction of CTL logging method, secondly, with the growth of professionalism of the employees, and, thirdly, with the leasing of forest land.

One of the criteria for successful development is sufficient mobility of the enterprise. Given the state of the market and using the rotational method of operation, we have the ability to move from one forest area to another, spending a minimum of effort and resources.

Today in our company leased 218.9 hectares or 645 thousand cubic meters annual harvesting. At lease for a term of 25 to 49 are two forest forestry: Priluzsky and Syktyvda.

Our company provides a full production cycle, from harvesting to manufacturing of finished products. At the same time a lot of attention paid to the protection of forests from fires, forest cultivation. We have been paying more attention to reforestation, such as preparing the soil for forest planting, planting of forest stands, selective cutting, cleaning, prorubka quarterly Prosek device belts etc. We completely abandoned manual labor in the woods.

By using such machines as "Harvester" and "Forwarding", we are closer to international standards le sozagotovitelnyh works. All of our forests, within the lease, now certified to the requirements of FSC (Forest Stewardship Council - an international non-profit, non-governmental organization), which, of course, is only possible with the introduction of high-tech methods of logging, integration of social and technological requirements of international standards.

Forestry 620 000 cubic meters, hauling 620,000 cubic meters of forest, sawing 60,000 cbm, laminated veneer lumber production 10,000 cbm