成立 1991


俄罗斯 127254, 莫斯科, Ogorodny proezd, 5, korp.1


Product Directory: slab materials, lumber, paper and wood chemical products manufacturing.

Sale of plywood - the main direction of the company "MACC", which has been successfully cooperating with renowned manufacturers. We use an individual approach to each client and provide efficient execution of even the largest orders.

The company "MACC" from 1992 sells plywood, during which time we were able to collaborate with renowned manufacturers. This allows us to deliver reliable high-quality products at manufacturer's prices. The proposed materials have high strength, wear resistance and durability. Thanks to them, you will always be able to successfully carry out construction work.

Plywood - a product of wood processing industry needed in the manufacture of furniture and irreplaceable during construction works. To date, developed, manufactured and sold several types of plywood, which, with different properties can be applied in different situations. Among the most popular types of plywood: furniture, water-resistant, packaging, laminated. As a basis for its production using multi-layered veneer, and wood processing wastes in the form of particles or fibers. It turns out plywood is also a useful product that helps to get rid of waste products.