Mantrac Vostok


成立 2000


俄罗斯 606440, 下诺夫戈罗德, Bor, Steklozavodskoe shosse, 15


Mantrac Vostok LLC is the authorized dealer for Caterpillar equipment in Komi Republic, in theVolga and Urals Regions of the Russian Federation.

Mantrac Vostok provides Caterpillar machines for a wide range of applications in the forestry, oil and gas, construction and mining sectors of the economy and a complete range of forklift trucks for material handling.

We also offer a broad selection of Caterpillar gas and diesel engines and generator sets for the oil and gas, industrial, marine, power generation applications as well as the Olympian range of generators for small-scale industries and residential applications.

All the Caterpillar machines and engines which we supply are adapted to work in the extreme climatic and topographical conditions of the Mantrac territory.

We provide full product support service, ranging from simple component repairs to complete overhauls of the machines. Rent and lising of Caterpillar equipment is also available.