Moscow Credit Bank


成立 1992


俄罗斯 107045, 莫斯科, Lukov per., d. 2, str. 1


CREDIT BANK OF MOSCOW was founded in 1992 and is now a medium-sized universal privately owned bank operating in Moscow and Moscow region. CBM is now rated 21th among Russian banks by assets according to TOP-500 RBC Rating. It reaches its clients through 61 branches, 13 cash offices, more than 620 ATMs and 4000 payment terminals in Moscow and Moscow Region. CBM is currently rated ‘B+’ by S&P, ‘B1’ by Moody’s and ‘B+’ by Fitch with Stable outlooks. CREDIT BANK OF MOSCOW is remarkable for its strong business diversification, efficient risk management system, long-term partnerships and efficient delivery of service packages. The Bank has been in trade finance business since 2001, in syndicated loan market since 2003 and in Eurobond market since 2006. CBM is also a Principal Member of MasterCard and Visa.