成立 2001


乌克兰 54001, , , Potymkinskaj 91/7


Commercial offer.

The firm “NIKA +7” has industrial rooms in village M.Pogorelovo in 8 kms from the city of Mykolayiv which is situated in the south of Ukraine, that on the one hand predetermines insignificant distance up to the sources of raw material, on the other hand predetermines a wide choice of delivery of finished goods to the customer: sea way, railway, auto transport. The firm registers the following kinds of activity: sawing manufacture, manufacture of joiner's products, manufacture of furniture. The area of building of 1,3 hectares is protected with a concrete fence, the area of industrial rooms of 29783 m3, the area of auxiliary rooms of 2022 m³. The industrial rooms are the property of firm. In territory there is an artesian chink, the boiler-house which works on waste products of sawing manufactures. In the territory of shops there are 8 drying chambers in total amount of the board of 110 m³. The enterprise has the following equipment: band headrig sawing machine tool ASTER, device of distributing of saws, machine tool grinding, machine tool turning, machine tool CF-6, machine tool K-40, joiner machine tool, a saw cut out, machine tool FSSh-1a, machine tool milling-copy, surface gauge СР-1, the machine tool grooving, the machine tool drilling, the machine tool circular - trimming. The firm has buyers in England and Slovakia on a board of oak edging dry and manufacturing of preparations on the sizes of customers. The firm made joiner's products to Spain. Planning expansion of output we are always glad to offer following production: an edging dry board of an oak / humidity of 8-12 %/; dry preparation on the sizes of the customer; joiner's preparation and joiner's products; manufacturing of furniture from firm breeds under sketches of the customer; manufacturing of facades - an obverse part of furniture from firm breeds of wood. The firm is interested in the search of new buyers and probable investors for expansion of manufacture. Contact phones in the city of Mykolayiv: +38(0512) 47-71-94; Mob: +38(050) 493-70-21. Director of the firm Zobov Yuriy Oleksandrovych