NPO BARS Production Complex


成立 1999


俄罗斯 456510, 车里雅宾斯克, Chelyabinsk, Kazantsevo, Chelyabinsk, 456510


Design, manufacture and sale of rip saw machines for round timber sawing into edged sawn wood that meets the European quality standard.

Bars-1A machine (configurations: Bars-1A-70, Bars-1A-95) is designed on the basis of angular sawing technique, due to which it ensures high output, maximum yield of perfect geometry radial boards that do not require further processing (size deviation of sawn wood throughout the length and for the whole lot does not exceed half a millimeter!)

Machine output is up to 12,000 3 annually.

Bars-DG rip saw double disc horizontal machine is a state-of-the-art development of NPO “BARS”.

The machine is intended for sawing of round timber with a diameter from 100 to 500 mm into edged and unedged boards, as well as for manufacture of square logs and ties.