俄罗斯 191011, 圣彼得堡, Nevskiy pr.30, offis 4.17 V


aa/ terminal operator at UstLuga timber sea terminal. Two-three vsls are employed at long-term

agreements over year to Sweden/Finland/Norway with pulplogs.

Annualy turnover abt 400 000 scbm of pulplogs are exported to Scandinavia.


bb/ TC owners of Omskiy & VolgoBalt vsls for shipments ex. UstLuga. Always booked .


cc/ TC owners of 3 ST-type vsl for shipments ex. UstLuga & Russian rivers to Saimaa Lakes(Suomi)

dwcc 1450 tns, 1 ho1ha , hold dim 41,75 x 12,00 x 5,95 metres without hatchcovers, fitted for pulplogs,coal,conteiners 72 Teu's ( for example Saimaa/Mustola- Moscow), scrap.

Open for cooperations.


dd/ Owners agent at St.Petersburg/Vyborg/Vysotsk/UstLuga and Brusnitchnoe Lock( Saimaa Channel).

Best service for Owners -24 hrs a day.


ee/ TC owners of river vsls over summer navigation season ( beg may- beg nov)

Okskiy type - 3 vsls- special vsl for inland transportation of Project cargo. Flat-top, open deck

loading area of 62,40 x 12,00 metres. SWL=7,8 m/m2.

Trading area- St.Petersburg-UstLuga-Vyborg/Vysotsk- all Russian river ports.

Open for cooperations.

Chechskiy type- 4 vsls- dwcc 2000 tns, 4 ho4ha - 3400 cbm. Bulk & general cargo.

Trading area- Vyborg/Vysotsk- St.Petersburg-all Russian River port.

Open for cooperations.

Nevskiy type- 3 vsls- dwcc 2700 tns, open hold without covers with dim 60,00 x (8,40-2,8)x 4,80 metres.

Fitted for bulk cargo/ pallets/packages

Trading area- St.Petersburg-all Russian river ports