Proizvodstvenno-kommertcheskaya firma "Gidroservice"


成立 2010


俄罗斯 614500, 彼尔姆, Perm, ul.Shosse Kosmonavtov, 312


Company OOO «PKF «Гидросервис» is a service centre and the dealer of the holding company «Lifting machines», a representative of the company **PONSSE**, as well as the exclusive representative of a number of brands on the territory of the Volga and the Urals regions.

We are the representatives of the Perm Krai of such famous brands as:

* EUROTECH, seal kits brands Klinger Ramikro, Hallite,

* SEMPERIT (Austria) the Sleeves of a high pressure and industrial hoses,

* OREGON, IGGESUND FOREST Харвестерные tires, chains, led and leading stars.

* Palfinger (Austria), spare parts for the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and гидроманипуляторов, as the Cabinet of Ministers and hydraulic manipulator.

* Теплостар (d. Samara), heaters heaters and spare parts to them.

Sale of spare parts for:

* гидроманипуляторов (SF-65, LV-185, PL-70, etc. ) and Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine

* Хорвестеров and Forwarders

* Filter and filter elements

* High pressure hydraulic hoses

Supplying complexes (harvester and forwarder) of the company **PONSSE** as new and b/u.

As well as:

* Directional control valves (valves RM-316, KA-18, F-130, 2P80), hydraulic pumps (Bosch-Rexroth, Sunfab, etc),

* Гидрозахваты (grabs), hydraulic cylinders, high pressure hydraulic hoses, seals, bushings, bearings, (fittings), etc...

We supply hydraulic equipment of firms Parker, Bosch-Rexroth, Linde, Casappa, Dunfos in forest machinery.

We Carry Out Repair Of:

* гидроманипуляторов and the Cabinet of Ministers

* industrial and mobile hydraulics

* the equipment of special vehicles

The company Гидросервис has its own service and repair shop, carrying out repair, reconstruction of hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic motors, гидрораспределителей.

We carry out design and development of hydro-electric stations, as well as the development and manufacturing non-standard equipment.