成立 2003


俄罗斯 614095, 彼尔姆, Perm, Semchenko, 6


The main guideline of our company - is expanding the range of products and the acquisition of new permanent partners in Russia. In your face, we want to find a reliable partner, with whom mutually beneficial cooperation, both you and us, brought a very positive results. Our main advantage - always go to meet our customers!

The main specialization of our company is the manufacture and sale of trimming (unedged), lumber, wood moldings and implementation oboroduvaniya and spare parts for special equipment. Strict quality control - the main priority of the company. Currently, timber - a high demand product in the private and commercial construction. We offer a wide range of lumber: board, board, paneling, etc. All of them are appropriate treatment, which is the key to their longevity.

Most firms specialize them - timber sales, offer a modest range of products. Our company meets all the demands of the construction market, supplying both softwood lumber and other wood products.

We are interested in long-term partnerships with all who would be interested in our offer!