Paper Avenue


成立 2007


俄罗斯 420076, 鞑靼, Kazan, Zalesnaya, 30


Mission: We produce the goods that improve the quality of your life!

In 2005 the Swiss Company «A.T.M.S.S.» together with the Russian partner «Paper Avenue» started a new investment project of producing tissue paper goods.

Production output is carried out on the high-technology import equipment. High consumer standards and the quality of the goods are provided by using environmentally safe stock in the production – 100 % pulp – and many-stage control on all the stages of production.

The main principle of our work is a high quality and reasonable prices on all kinds of goods. We strive for our goods to let you feel comfortable and confident in any situation. Therefore we offer you a wide range of the tissue paper products under the trademark «Nega» (Bliss).

The goods under the trade mark «Nega» have an increased whiteness, softness and overblown. The paper fulfills its destination very well: provides sanitary-hygienic standards, absorbs liquid well, doesn’t cause allergic reactions and it is absolutely safe even for the soft children skin. It doesn’t contain chlorine used to increase the aesthetic characteristics of the paper.