成立 2007


俄罗斯 603146, 下诺夫戈罗德, Nizhniy Novgorod, Ubileynay street, 2A


Dear gentlemen,

Trading House " Pellets-Trading " since January, 1st, 2008 starts the conclusion of contracts of deliveries on realization of finished goods from a new factory on manufacture of wood fuel granules - wooden pellets.

The raw material acts from large factory processing wood, homogeneous, deliveries directly from the manufacturer, all-the-year-round! We Work directly from the pellets manufacturer!

Wooden pellets lines KAHL (Germany) are made on the newest technological.

The specification of production (pellets):

- Standard DIN, diameter of 6 mm.,

- Structure: wood of firm breeds of a tree - an oak and a beech (80 %), coniferous and deciduous (20 %), without inclusions of a bark.

Volume of manufacture: 1000 tones per month, is planned increase.

Certification of production: the certificate from IncoLab (it is applied on the letter), carrying out of additional certified laboratory analyses is possible. Also, we can send you samples of our production for the analysis.

Packing: Big-Bag 1 ton or by train in tanks, the container.

Conditions of delivery: (discussed!!!), example, ex-factory EXW (INCOTERMS 2000) - 95 euros for ton from city Maykop, republic Adygea (Russian Federation):

1. Motor(avto) transport,

2. Railway transportation,

3. Ship parties, for example, through port Yeisk (FOB Yeisk – 110 euros, FOB Novorossisk – 110 euros, FOB Anapa 110 euros, FOB Tuapse 105 euros).

Payment: 100 % an advance payment or the letter of credit.

We are guided by the weighed, detailed, mutually advantageous and long-term conditions of cooperation.

P.S.: the prices and conditions of delivery are discussed in reasonable limits.