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The American company «The Penrod Company» (Penrod), traces its history to 1888 when John Noble Penrod founded a small production «Penrod, Wood & Company».

Since its inception, the company specialized in woodworking, gradually turning into one of the largest operators in the U.S. lumber and plywood.

Currently, the company «Penrod» has a wide geography. The head office is located in the United States (Virginia). The company has branches and additional offices in Canada, England, France, Romania, China, Ghana and Brazil.

Group "Penrod" is one of the largest buyers and suppliers of Russian plywood in North America. In addition to the acquisition board production (plywood, sliced ​​veneer and rotary cut), "Penrod" takes on a constant basis, and coniferous sawnwood tverdoporodnye for their own consumption and for supply to markets in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.

The first of «The Penrod Company» in Russia was opened in 1997 in Moscow. The Russian division is called LLC "Penrus."

C first years in Russia «Penrod» became one of the largest buyers of Russian-made plywood. The company works with major manufacturing companies in the industry, the so-called "enterprise license", who worked for export during the Soviet period.

Since 2004, the company's management decided to start trading program in the Russian domestic market. Group "Penrod" is developing products and selling timber metallofurnitury in Russia.

We offer Russian consumers a wide range of guaranteed delivery:

• spets.fanery (sea, ultra-light, decorative finishing, flexible manufacturing furniture facades and interiors, fine, Private lightweight plywood, laminated plywood formwork for construction and for use in transport engineering);

• tverdoporodnyh lumber from North America its own production (from the factory Foresbec in Canada), and tropical hardwood growth - from South America, Africa and Southeast Asia;

• sliced ​​natural and reconstructed veneer, full-length rebroskleennogo veneer (shirts) with its own production plant St. Raymond in Canada;

• Flooring Solid Hardwood own production (from the factory ForesFloor in Canada).

In 2006 he started working in a warehouse store, Balashikha, Moscow region. Since 2007 he has been working in a warehouse in St. Petersburg.

One of the key factors in the successful development of the Russian Mission «The Penrod Company» is a highly qualified staff and open towards the consumers of our production company policy.

Our staff will go out of production for our customers to participate in a joint discussion of the project, the development and improvement of technology, using our proposed unique products. All this helps to ensure maximum compliance with the requirements of customers of our products and current market needs, as well as look to the future, regardless of the economic crises and recessions in industrial production.Отменить изменения

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