Porini Moto


成立 2004


芬兰 980, Helsinki, Kaivonkatsojantie 2 A 38


We are offering forest consultancy services which are focusing on the estern and south-eastern Europe: Russia, Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia-Montenegro, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Albania, Ukraine, Moldova, Hungary & the other 10 new EU member countries, as well as on the Nordic Countries.

We are offering consultancy in forestry related business and management issues, like: setting up your strategy for different markets, consulting you in setting up the ISO 9001:2000, ISO 14001 and chain of custody management systems, offering logistics and management science services for your business.

We can act as your sub-contractor in research works, forestry projects, e.g. in certification, search for partners, suppliers, customers and investors for your business development.