Russian Tehnical Bureau


成立 2002


俄罗斯 119607, 莫斯科, ul. Udaltsova


" Russian technical bureau ":

- will make and will establish a handrail, ladder protections, mid-flight and screw ladders of any configuration and complexities from corrosion-proof or крашеной of steel, brass;

- Will execute your order:

- on bending of a pipe and structure;

- welding work;

- will make a wide spectrum metalconstructions for houses, office or industrial premise from original lusters and fixtures, ladders in pool up to the plating lift of mines by a corrosion-proof sheet special furniture.

ООО " Russian Technical Bureau " is the representative of the Italian companies Ercolina, Spadi, Nebes, Garboli on sale in Russia the equipment of the following groups:

- bending machine tools and tool:

- Machine tube notcher and polishing of pipes:

- Horizontal press and machines expander of a pipe:

- Machine tools for twisting and curler of a structure;

- Tape portable and stationary saws;

- Grinding equipment for processing different materials:

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(095) 518-18-25; (095) 518-18-24