Rimbunan Hijau MDF


林地所有者, 森林經理/收割機/記錄器, 软木锯材厂, 刨磨, 纖維板(MDF,HDF)


俄罗斯 680000
Khabarovsk, 哈巴罗夫斯克, ul.Frunze, 22


RH Russia, a member of the Rimbunan Hijau Group (RH Group) started its operation in Russia since 1997. Started with only one company, Rimbunan Hijau Far East Co. Ltd, we had expanded into a significant timber products groups in Russia with the addition of Rimbunan Hijau International Co. Ltd, JSC “Forest-Starma” and recently our new pride LLC Rimbunan Hijau MDF. The group have one of the largest timber harvesting entity in Khabarovsky Krai with an annual output of 600,000m3 per year. With environmental concern in mind, RH Russia continuosly pursues the policy of rational and sustainable harvesting to ensure the continuity of forest conservation. We always ensures that the best forestry and reforestation practices are being implemented in our timber operations in order to achieve ecological balance, maximization of resources and forest rehabilitation in the logged areas.

Not only so, with our vast experience from different part of the world in timber harvesting and processing approaches, we are also committed in downstream timber processing that produced high quality value added timber products. LLC “Rimbunan Hijau MDF” (RH MDF) was a product of such commitment. In line with Khabarovsk Krai Government’s aim to develop its downstream wood processing industry, RH Group signed the Private Partnership Agreement with Government of Khabarovsk Krai during the First Far Eastern Internation Economic Forum on 19 September 2007. We are proud that our Medium-Density Fiberboard (MDF) project is categorised as the Priority Investment by the Russian Government.

RH MDF is the first MDF plant in the Far East region of Russia equipped with latest state of art and fully computerized advanced wood processing technology from Germany, Switzerland, Italy and China. The plant is located at Khor, Khabarovsk Krai, with annual production capacity of 180,000 m3 and is designed to produce Medium-Density Fiberboard (MDF) and High-Density Fiberboard (HDF) in thicknesses ranging from 1.5 mm to 38 mm. The high quality raw material from the region together with selected recyclable wood wastes from sawmills are used in manufacture of premium quality MDF and HDF boards.

This MDF plant investment does not only bring significant socio economic developments in the Far East region of Russia, it also makes positive impact and contributes to the growth and expansion of local communities and economy, both directly and indirectly. With high commitment of management and staff, RH MDF strives to produce superior quality products with high concerns on environmental conservation by converting wood residues efficiently into value added high quality and low formaldehyde emission MDF and HDF boards ranged from E-1 to Super E-0 according to EN Standards. As a responsible multi-national corporate citizen, we are also committed to make MDF plant an integrated part of our sustainable forest management.


  • 圓木,鋸材,單板
    • 森林
      • 林地
      • 树苗
      • 立木
    • 硬木(歐洲和北美)
      • 圆木
        • 鋸日誌
        • 单板级原木
        • 單板級原木去皮
        • 硬木桩
        • 拿着木棍
      • 毛邊板,單板
        • 毛邊板
        • 半邊板材
      • 木材,鋸材
        • 四方材
        • 廣場
        • 木釘
        • 框架木材
        • 枕木
    • 软木材
      • 圓木
        • 錦標
        • 原木柱形
        • 鋸日誌
        • 波蘭人
        • 單板級原木
        • 單板級原木去皮
      • 毛邊板,單板
        • 毛邊板
        • 半邊板材
      • 木料
        • 框架木材
        • 建築材
        • 木梁, 木梁用于窗户
        • 细木工
        • 浸渍木
        • 枕木
      • 集成材,指接材
        • 結構木材,手指加入了木材(KVH)
        • 鐸層壓梁
        • 三重奏層壓梁
        • 直膠合木樑
        • 彎曲膠合木樑
        • 梁模板
        • 交叉层压木材 (CLT)
        • 夹心板
    • 熱帶木材(非洲,亞洲,美洲)
      • 圓木
        • 鋸日誌
        • 單板級原木
        • 單板級原木去皮
      • 毛邊板,單板
        • 毛邊板
        • 半邊板材
      • 木材,鋸材
        • 四方材
        • 廣場
        • 進口商
    • 托盤,包裝材
      • 鋸材
        • 貨盤木材
        • 包裝材
      • 托盤,包裝
        • 托盤
        • 歐洲托盤(EPAL)
        • 特殊用途托盤
        • 單向托盤
        • 食物托盘
        • 半托盤
        • 箱式托盤
        • 托盘领
    • 單板
      • 天然木皮
      • 工程單板
      • 封邊條
      • 鑲嵌單板
      • 旋切單板
      • 單板層積材(LVL)
  • 木製板
    • 合板
      • 内饰胶合板
      • 外墙胶合板
      • 靈活的膠合板
      • 特種膠合板
    • 人造板
      • 刨花板
      • 定向刨花板(OSB)
      • 中密度纖維板(MDF)
      • 高密度纖維板(HDF)