Risk Control Group


成立 2002


俄罗斯 190031, 圣彼得堡, Pereulok Grivotsova 11


When founding Risk Control Group we set ourselves the goal of providing entrepreneurs with reliable, timely and full information, consulting, information and legal support for business to decrease to a minimum entrepreneurial risks connected with company security.

While controlling risks we also providing information support, develop measures and recommendations aimed at decreasing the probability of possible risks, eliminating them altogether or attempting to avoid them, and also decreasing the extent of risks should they occur.

Risk Control Group offers its clients a wide range of consulting, information and legal services in providing business security with the goal of reducing entrepreneurial risk:

 identifying unfavorable aspects having a negative influence on the activity of individual companies and their partner relations while developing means to eliminate these aspects;

 business reputation of managers and founders of partner companies or counteragents;

 studying potential partners or agents by carrying out financial checks, credit checks and possible criminal influence;

 preparing an information and legal groundwork for negotiations;

 consulting research and analytical reviews of the state of business and involvement of crime in the region;

 information and legal support in criminal, civil and arbitration proceedings;

 free-trial practice of resolving disputes.