Rpk grupa


成立 2002


拉脱维亚 1056, Riga, Beverinas 24


Group enterprise „RPK Grupa" Ltd. is Latvian capital enterprise founded in 2002 with a purpose to develop a market of real estate in the areas of Latvia . The enterprise occupies one of the leading positions in the list of greatest owners and property managers of real estate in Latvia .

The enterprise’s main fields of activity:

Projects of settlements of new private houses and development thereof

Real estate development

Agriculture lands trading, investments

Real estate purchase and selling

Real estate management

Investments to the real estate

Attracting investments in framework of EU

Representation of regions in municipalities

Consultations / mediation operations with real estate

High quality legal advices in the field of real estate

Our main priority is honest and friendly attitude to our customers

Analyzing constantly the market of real estate working actively in this field the company „RPK Grupa" Ltd. will find a buyer to each real estate and will seek out real estate to all buyers.