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成立 2010


俄罗斯 194223, 圣彼得堡, ul Kurchatova 6/4


Brenstol OÜ is an Estonian specialist manufacturer of thermo-treated solid wood flooring, terrace, cladding and sauna products. The main species used is ash due to the exceptional properties the wood forms after thermo-treatment. Spruce, pine and birch are also used. Established in 1997, Brenstol has become one of the leading thermo-treated wood producers in Europe, offering a wide range of products for both interior and exterior use.

With the installation in 2010 of 2 new kilns manufactured by the Finnish supplier Jartek, annual capacity now stands at 22000m3.

And with continuous product development, Brenstol offers wood solutions which are high quality, durable, functional and environmentally sound. All products are free of chemicals, harmless to utilize and do not originate from endangered rainforests.