Runiti Woodproducts Inc


成立 2002


俄罗斯 196610, 圣彼得堡, Leninskiy prospekt, 161 liter A.


1. White Baltic birch lumber thickness 4/4” - 6/4” (25-50 mm) KD 6-8%, rough or surfaced, Random or fixed Widths (4" (105 mm) and wider) Random or fixed Length (6' (1830 mm) and longer), per NHLA Rules FAS, F1F, select&better, #1,2 common.

These grades are used for manufacture of furniture, floors, studies, cabinets, kitchen doors and etc

Also Baltic birch lumber low grade, KD 10-14%, S4S at any profile (#3 com and lower from NHLA Rules, UK Frame grade, PAR birch sections, Rustic)

This grade is used for manufacture of frame of furniture, frame of upholstered furniture, floors and etc

2. Softwood (pine, spruce) lumber GOST 26003-83 1-4 grades or any Rules and specifications of foreign customers.

Also we can to produce birch, aspen cut stocks, blanks, preplanned and finished S2S S4S and profiled components, framing and furniture components and stocks and make lumber for Rules another associations