Russian Forestry Weekly


成立 2002


俄罗斯 115455, 莫斯科, a/я 12


Russian Forestry Weekly

The leading Russian newspaper in the forestry complex

• The economic and political newspaper of the Russian Ministry of Natural Resources and the Federal Forestry Agency with the circulation of 25,000 copies.

• Four full-colored Russian language pages of A-2 format, devoted entirely to the problems of the forestry complex in Russia.

• The latest, all-round and trustworthy information on the state policy in the forestry complex and on the Russian Forestry Agency activity.

• Interviews and opinions of leading researchers and experts on actual problems.

• Reports from the Russian regions.

• Exchange of the best practices in the forestry complex.

• Information on conferences, seminars and presentations.

• Cooperation of the state and business in the forestry industry.