SIA Trans, ltd,.


成立 2005


乌克兰 86000, , , a/ya 6822


SIA Trans was based in 1999. The basic kinds of activity of the enterprise is: realization of the international cargo autotransportations and transport expedition of cargoes on the following directions: Russia, Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Germany, Georgia, Holland, Belgium, Austria, France, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine and the countries CIS, realization of freight traffic of loose cargoes by own trucks of the raised(increased) carrying capacity of mark \"Iveco\" in quantity of 72 units.

Our enterprise is the official dealer of company \"Iveco\" in east Ukraine and carries out sale, guarantee and warranty service of trucks of the given mark. We carry out also repair and computer diagnostics cargo, cars, buses and trucks on own service station, equipped with the modern equipment. Repair is carried out by the highly skilled experts past(last) training and training at factories of firm \"Iveco\".

The office, motor-vehicle pool and service station are in Ysinovataya, Donetsk area. SIA Trans Ltd. carries out the international auto transportations and transport expedition of cargoes, agrees directions interesting you.

For duly and exact execution of your orders on transportation of cargoes we have own 21 trucks, and also involved motor transport in quantity more than 500 units. All automobiles are equipped with radio-mobile communication, trucks in volume from 1,5 up to 120 cubic meters, carrying capacity from 500 kg up to 20 tons. SIA Trans Ltd. have an operational experience in realization of the international transportations and transport expedition of cargoes.

We would be glad to have an opportunity to cooperate with you and we want to assure, that in our company you will find the reliable and favourable partner!