St. Petersburg center of abrasives


成立 2000


俄罗斯 193230, 圣彼得堡, Dalnevostochny pr. Houm 13 k.2


From 2000 the year “St. Petersburg center of abrasives” offers European brands as “ Mirka”, “VSM”, “Flexifoam” these high quality are well-known all over the world, and abrasive tools produced in Russia from European raw materials. All managers were trained in the companies-suppliers. So they can provide the qualified recommendation of abrasive mate-rials, according to the needs and the technology of the client. Moreover, the company systemati-cally organizes teaching seminars for production engineers and consults them on the topic of choosing and tooling of the equipment. The main goal of the company is to achieve perfection of refinement, supporting the client on every level. Thanks to such a philosophy of the company, “Saint-Petersburg center of abrasives” became one of the leaders in the sphere of wood, metal, paint, lacquer and glass refinement.