St.Petersburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry


成立 1921


俄罗斯 191123, 圣彼得堡, ul. Tchaikovskogo 46-48


St. Petersburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry was founded in 1921 and is the first and one of the largest chambers of commerce in Russia. Today it is a non-governmental non-profit organisation founded on voluntary membership. The Chamber was set up on the initiative of Russian entrepreneurs, commercial and non-profit organisations; it is guided in its activities by the Law of the Russian Federation "On chambers of commerce and industry in the Russian Federation".

Its principal purpose is assistance to economy of the region, creation of favourable conditions for national businessmen, protection of their interests, providing a broad spectrum of services required by business.

The Chamber integrates about 1200 firms and entrepreneurs of St. Petersburg and Leningrad Region, representatives of small, medium and large business covering various activities.

Rendering practical aid to Russian businessmen in establishment of business relations with foreign and Russian partners, the Chamber promotes development of export of goods and services, attraction of investments in the Russian economy. Apart from rendering assistance to national businessmen, the Chamber maintains direct correspondent relations with foreign chambers of commerce and associations of entrepreneurs. In total it covers about 300 chambers from 70 countries.

To ensure efficient solution of problems faced by businessmen, St. Petersburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry maintains close cooperation with all branches of administrative structures. The very fact that the representatives of city administration and the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg are members of the Council of the Chamber contributes to a great extent to this.

The Chamber as an association of entrepreneurs. The following entities function under the Chamber to represent and protect the entrepreneurs' interests: Small Business Legal Support Work Group, Expert Council of St. Petersburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry for Development of Entrepreneurship in Insurance, Arbitration Court, Foreign Economic Association, Exhibitions Association, Environmental Business Association, etc. The structures are instituted with regard for lines of their activity and scope of problems.

The premises of the Chamber having a historical value are very popular with the organisers of exhibitions and congresses, seminars, presentations, conferences, business meetings, exhibitions, etc. The Chamber provides complex services involving preparation of different events, lease of premises, organisation of cocktail parties and coffee breaks, lease of necessary technical aids like overhead projector, screen, microphones, notebook PC for presentations.