STC «Complex models»


成立 2008


俄罗斯 125315, 莫斯科, Leningradskiy prospekt 68 str. 2, 8 podyezd, 2 etage


"STC "Complex Models"- created in 2008, based on the group of employees NRC "Kurchatov Institute", VNIIAES, Bauman Moscow State Technical University, “MAI” and “MATI” Russian State University of Aviation Technology, working more than 20 years in the sphere of information technology, high-performance calculations (HPC) and design of technically complex objects. The staff consists of 27 people, of which: 1 Doctor of Technical Sciences, Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences; 5 PhDs; 3 graduate students.

Our Mission is to create innovative scientific solutions and implement them in the industry.

Main Activities:

Projects for innovative technologies implementation;

The integration of software into system solutions;

The creation of hardware and software systems that support testing and maintenance of technically complex objects;

Modeling and design of complex technical systems and their components.