成立 2009


俄罗斯 414018, 阿斯特拉罕, Astrahan, 106, str.,4th Dorojnaya


Limited liability Company «Saturn» specializes on export of sawn timbers to Islamic Republic Iran and Azerbaijan. Despite rather small period of a finding in regional market, we managed to generate considerable enough and steady base of stable suppliers in Karelia and Siberia, in Ural region. Presence of partner and friendly relations with large manufacturers provides possibility to offer partners wide assortment, comprehensible prices, high level of service and an individual approach to everyone, to organizes timely and uninterrupted deliveries. Thus Company «Saturn» successfully performs forwarding works on International Transport Corridor «North-South», renders services in transfer of metal, saw-timbers, petroleum product, on oil terminals and on ports of Astrakhan, provides customs registration, chartering of tankers and cargo ships to Iranian Ports. Company «Saturn» successfully develops, expanding a circle of buyers, offering only high-quality, certificated, saw-timbers for competitive prices, operative decision of problems put by partners in transit and expedition of cargoes in all directions.

We invite you to cooperation and we wish successes in all undertakings.