成立 2006


俄罗斯 664023, ul.Trudovaya, dom 60, office 302 (office Greenhouse)


LLC "Sibexportles-Trade" was created in 2006 as a trading company holding "Russian Timber Group." The main activity of the company - sales of logging and sawmill companies of the group. The annual implementation of more than 150 000 m3 of production from Siberian larch and pine. 80% of the volume exported to Japan, China, Korea, Egypt, Western Europe and the CIS countries.

Company certified according to FSC ™, observe the declared value of FSC (policy associate with the FSC). Certification of products gives us the ability to display products from the Siberian forests to environmentally sensitive markets, and provides our customers with additional economic and image benefits (list of product groups).

LLC "SEL-Trade" operates offices in Moscow and Irkutsk. Operational sales and marketing support provided by professionals in Moscow.

Our company priority is given to environmental issues and environmental protection. Wood products has little negative impact on the environment, including the production phase. At the end of the service life of almost all the products of this kind can be sent for recycling. Life cycle assessment of lumber shows that the main impact on the environment associated with these products occurs during harvesting and transportation of raw materials and finished products. The company has production optimized use of raw materials.

Chips sent for use as raw material for pulp and paper mills. Bark is used in the boiler to heat the sawmill and the village of Novaya Igirma.